Ravenclaw PoA Scarf


Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Navy and Thunder
Needles: Addi Natura Sz 7 16″ Circular
Pattern: PoA Scarf from atypically.knit

So, the specifics. The scarf is seven feet long without fringe, contains the better part of ten (yes, TEN) skeins of yarn, has 15 pattern repeats, and a metric ton of fringe. I shunned the whole ‘canon k1p1’ idea and went for straight stockingnet. I value my sanity and wrists more than what someone thinks of a scarf.

Next up in the realm of Harry Potter knitting, a Weasley sweater for the mini.

6 Responses to “Ravenclaw PoA Scarf”

  1. 1 Heidi

    That looks great! And you finished it in time too! How did you do the fringe? It looks different to me than most fringe on scarves that I’ve seen.

    Oh and I just discovered “Spin a Yarn” in Edmonds. Have you been there? I also went to Hilltop Yarn in Bellevue (they just opened there and I was in Bellevue to go to the Container Store) and since I only had the “good” kidlet with me I stoppped and drooled. I was good and didn’t buy anything but it sure inspires me to work on something new.

  2. 2 Spring

    It’s just a standard fringe, done with a crochet hook. I used two strands and did enough that the entire bottom edge was covered. To get an even edge I took my rotary cutter and quilting square to it.

    I haven’t been into either store yet. I went to Hilltop East back when it was Skeinz Ltd. They went out of business this summer and Hilltop bought their inventory. I was actually in Hilltop West last week. A friend and I stopped by there and So Much Yarn in Belltown before the They Might Be Giants show at the Moore. We still need to get together and hit Village Yarn & Tea, I keep hearing wonderful things about it.

  3. 3 HeidiR

    So when do I get mine? 😉

  4. 4 thalia

    canon k1p1?! oh dear! that’s how i did some little bookmark-thingies, but i’ve only done scarves in the round… :curses:

  5. 5 alison

    Swoon! Wow, that scarf is gorgeous! The Cashsoft looks fabulous. Well done!

  6. 6 Alex

    Amen to the straight-up stockinette… I have no time for k1p1 for something that large. Scarf looks great! Isn’t the Cashsoft Aran fantastic?

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