In the Bag

in the bag

My tote and a field trip of sorts. Sounds like fun, no? Think of it as me being accountable for what I should be working on.

almost flora

An almost finished Flora. The neckband is still in need of a good blocking and she is lacking a large button for the flower. Both of those issues I hope to have resolved this week so I can stop feeling guilty about the fact I have procrastinated longer about the blocking the neckband than the time it took me to knit it.

these damn things again

My toe-up socks. Yes, I am still working on the first one. At this rate they’ll never get done, and that may be ok with me. I am finding the short row heel to be a pain in my ass. Not because it is hard, it isn’t, but because it looks like complete ass every time I do it. I supose that means I should find a new method.

all eyes on me

An end-to-edge poncho in Rowan Calmer. A yarn I am sure that is named Calmer because that is exactly what you need to be when it comes to the price of it. The pattern is dreadfully boring which makes for slow knitting. Still, I need the needles it is on for Samus so it will have to be finished at some point.

yikes, stripes

And miles of tiny stitches to go. Most of my time has gone to getting these finished so I can wear them when the weather goes cold. Plus they look damn cool so why wouldn’t I want to get them finished?

4 Responses to “In the Bag”

  1. 1 Sandra

    You choose really lovelly coloures! Ofcourse, there is nothing like tote full of knitting stuff! I will have to sew one for mine.
    Pattern for that poncho looks great – can’t wait to be finished!

  2. 2 wendy

    Cute tote!

    Your Flora looks great! I’m still considering that one…..

  3. 3 may

    your bag of knitty goodness makes me want to knit! like sandra said, I i’m really digging the colors you’re using! The pattern on the poncho may be boring, but it sure doesn’t look like it! It’s gorgeous 🙂

    happy knitting!

  4. 4 sherry

    I am SO jealous of Flora. And the poncho looks gorgeous!

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