Fan Fair

There is something great about turning on Sarah McLachlan at midnight, grabbing a set of blocking wires, and blocking the shit out of a lace scarf after a long day. Especially when you get this as a result.

This afternoon Misty Garden is off to the Western Washington State Fair, where I am sure I will have my ass handed to me by the dozens of glorious lace shawls that fall into the same category. Regardless, it’ll be nice to see something I made in that glass case, with my name on it, and the ten dollars I’ll save by getting free admission will be nice too.

3 Responses to “Fan Fair”

  1. 1 Amy

    Your scarf is beautiful!

  2. 2 Wendy

    Ooooh pretty!

    That’s neat you’re entering something – good luck!

  3. 3 Tiffany

    This scarf is gorgeous. Very nicely done!

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