Be A Dear And Get Mummy Another Martini

It is time for our biannual trip to Southern California next month and for the first time we’re bringing Misterpants with us. Himself’s Grandmum turns 90 on September 11th and with her failing health, rising age, and living in another state we decided to make an appearance in Malibu and surprise her. This means a two and a half hour flight with a five year old in tow and ruining the day of the five other people seated in first class on out flight. I apologize now folks but you should all be glad he has grown out of the colic. Just sayin’.

This also means missed days of school since the kidlet starts kinder at the start of September. He is beyond looking forward to it, every day around here starts with, “So, Mum. When will the school bus pick me up?” The answer to that is Unholy:30 kiddo. Make sure you’re dressed and your underpants are on, k.

I’m not in disbelief that he is starting school, but still rather in disbelief that someone is still allowing me to raise a child to begin with. I’ve seen more than one person lament about how they are going to be lost or without something to centre their day around. I secretly want to rack my head against the wall when I see this. I am positive it has something to do with refusing to lose my identity the day I lost the placenta. Get a hobby, get a job, get an education. Shit, get a puppy. But stop your whining, you’re making those of us who click our heels and squeal as the bus pulls away look bad.

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  1. 1 Your Sis

    Come visit, and we can lament on how bad a mommy you are while we sip mojitos by the pool.

    Srsly- women like that *also* tend to expect the rest of the world to revolve around their child, too.

    Some days at work, I really want to say “No, we don’t have a children’s menu. We’ve *never* had a children’s menu. *Ever*. But I’ve got an idea- why don’t you make your child eat what the rest of the table is eating, rather than feeding him chicken fingers or grilled cheese sandwiches? Y’know…kinda like our parents did us.”

    I’m glad you’re the Mommy, cos I sure as hell couldn’t do it.

  2. 2 Shauna

    OMG I am so excited for E to start school. I love her like nobody’s business but holy geez am looking forward to a)spending some alone time with Owen-who is at a somewhat cute age and b) having alone, alone time when he does 2 mornings of pre-school a week.

    I love my kids but, I love myself too and my sanity and hobbies and maybe someday I’ll earn an income again too!

  3. 3 Heidi

    See, I go back and forth – part of me is mourning the last days of unstructured life. Once Alyssa starts Kindergarten, I feel like school starts in ernest. We’ll HAVE to have a routine and get up and get going EVERY morning. I’ve enjoyed lazy mornings during the preschool days when we didn’t have to rush to get out of the house. The other half of me is excited as all get out because for the first time in 5 years, I will have 3 hours of KIDFREE time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! I know it will FLY by faster than I want it to, but I WILL revel in it.

    I love my children dearly and they ARE growing up too fast for my taste, but man, I’m looking forward to ME time!!! Wahoooo!!! Best of all hubby is gone too! The whole house to myself!!!! I’ll be thinking of you too, Spring, as I sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee in utter silence after the bus comes to pick Alyssa up next Wednesday!

  4. 4 wendy

    Well, my kids are in full time daycare, so I’m not counting down the days to school, but I can appreciate that position. I am a WAY better working mommy than a stay-at-home one – the kids and I are much better for our current arrangement. I kept my hobbies up, to hold onto a shred of my own identity, and it is a good thing!

    Thanks for always telling it like it is and being honest, Moms everywhere would be much better off if we all did that!

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