Daughter of Judith


When I grow older, I want to be just like Judith McKenzie-McCuin.

She is a wealth of knowledge, a walking fibre encyclopedia. I feel smarter just sitting next to her at a meal. Spinning in the same room as her I feel like a rock star. Give me a batt she’s blended and I am a rock star.


That is superfine merino top and dyed flax top. The merino is from Ashland Bay, the flax from Louet. Judith and her husband Nick build the most awesome drum carders ever, before they’re shipped out Judith blends about five pounds (yes, pounds) of fibre to break them in. The results are “happy accident” batts like the one above, the odds and ends from previous classes or colours she has multiple pounds of.


My little one ounce piece of batt gave me about 30 yards of two-ply sport weight yarn. My inability to finish a sample in a class in legendary, I am still working on samples I took in classes over a year ago. To say I was warm and fuzzy after wacking the shit out of the skein would be an understatement. However I was downright giddy to hear Judith planned on blending more of her “happy accident.” I can’t way to see what she produces with it and lay my hands on more of it.

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