Phoenix Socks

phoenix socks

Diamante by Deb Barnhill, Fall ’06
Needles 32″ Addi Turbo Lace needle, 2.5mm (1 US)

I changed the pattern from a gusset heel to a short row heel and used every last bit of yarn I had. When I bound off the second sock (for the third time, le sigh) I was left with just over a yard of yarn. These socks were my first experience with the Addi lace needles and I love them in a way that is both and unnatural and illegal in 13 states. Since these were finished I snagged a 47″ version of the same needle I can use the Magic Loop method to do two toe-up socks at once.

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  1. 1 Bethany

    Yes! You’ve finally converted to the evil side of two at once on one needle rather than dpns!

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