Unlike Disneyland, It Wasn’t The Happiest Place On Earth

I’ve spent the past five days pondering how to write this post, how to delicately say that my brother could of died without emergency surgery on Sunday.

In a move that only proves how related we are, The Tallest Little Brother (henceforth referred to as TTLB) fell while exercising in his living room, rupturing his spleen when his left elbow was shoved into it as he hit the floor. Somehow he managed to drive himself to an urgent care clinic where he was then placed in an ambulance and rushed to the ER of a local hospital. Three IVs, two rooms, and one CT scan later, a surgeon was called, our parents arrived, and we waited. Stints were placed, trips to the ICU were had, and yesterday evening after three days on his back he was released into the care of our mother, the lucky SOB.

Through it all he somehow managed to not lose his sense of humour. A good thing when you’re so doped up and in shock that you think the lamp across the hall is somehow moving up and down the wall. I’m not sure which one of us was more horrified when asked if I was his wife by the attending ER doctor. And of course, I have now seen enough of his bare white ass to last me the rest of my lifetime.

When it all ends, he will be okay. His spleen will fully heal, he’ll invest in non-skid socks, and he might even get the bills paid off before he dies (the joys of not having health insurance in the ole’ US of A). For him life will go on, fancy stint and all. Now he’ll just be more careful about where he works out.

2 Responses to “Unlike Disneyland, It Wasn’t The Happiest Place On Earth”

  1. 1 Chelsey

    I’m glad your brother’s okay! Hospital trips are scary, but good on you for sticking by him.

  2. 2 Heidi

    Holy crap, Spring. I read your entries on LJ but I had no idea he doesn’t have health insurance. I’m curious to know what his bill is going to be like. After 5 days in the hospital and surgery in Hawaii my bill was around $35,000 that wasn’t for ICU. Thank goodness I had insurance that covered it ALL. Crap. I hope he can get some kind of reduction on his bill or something.

    Glad he’s doing ok now.

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