To The Opinionated Boob At The Counter

Dear Sir,

While eating my breakfast this morning I, along with the rest of the cafe, couldn’t help but overhear your complaints on the state of politics today. I am sorry that in 1977 the DOT knocked over your mailbox while clearing off the road. However it is no longer 1977, it is 2007, and perhaps it time to let that go.

Also, while you did not vote for Christine Gregoire, there are hundreds of thousands of us who did. Judging by the escalating sound of your voice while you repeated that over and over, I am sure she heard it in Olympia too. It does no good to refer to her as, “that bitch and her wussy husband,” I can assure you they don’t give a shit.

In passing, if life here is so bad, move. Get into your “big ole truck with its 40 bells and whistles” and get the fuck out of town. The only person who may miss you is the waitress you leave that 9% tip to, because she doesn’t deserve more than God. Until then, I will be busy thanking God, Allah, and any other deity I can find that my vote cancels out yours.



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  1. 1 Libby

    Don’t forget the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thank him too 🙂

    And there are places and times for the sort of rant that man has….it’s called the internet at 4am!

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