This Will Only Hurt A Little

Oh, procrastination is thy name.

For the past few weeks I have been dealing with some massive oral pain. The root (har har) of the problem is a broken wisdom tooth I have been slow to deal with. I finally have a date for the removal of the bastard tooth but that doesn’t mean I fully look forward to it going away. After all, there are few things I like less in life than needles and needles in my mouth are one of them.

Now I am no stranger to oral surgery and extractions. With the exception of eight baby teeth, every other one had to be surgically removed in some way, be it in-office or a trip to the surgeon. But none of those teeth were broken, and none were removed by a new-to-me dentist. While making the appointment I had sudden visions of a Castaway like extraction, only without Tom Hanks wielding the ice skate. Thankfully I was quickly reminded there would be drugs involved, and likely lots of them.

So mark your calendars for December 12th. While you’re knitting in the afternoon, I’ll be giving a exam chair the gripping of its life and then drooling all over myself when I get home.

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