See Spring Swear

See Spring. See Spring knit. Knit Spring, knit!

See Spring finish a sock. See Spring notice that the second sock does not match the first. See Spring swear. Swear Spring, swear!

So I’ve been rocking along on my Firebird socks, and come to the last pattern repeat before the ribbing and discover I don’t have enough yarn. I ponder why (I divided the skein and went to up on both) but make do and scalp yarn from the other finished sock. And then I look. Sock number two is an inch longer, because the moron who knit it (that would be me) somehow snuck an extra half repeat into it. And not only that the repeat is in the foot, so now said moron has to remove the bind off and frog back over half a sock.

It is times like this I really fucking hate knitting and math.

For now the socks are in time out, mocking me. To make myself feel better I stabbed a metal DPN through them to keep them together. Now I just need to gather the cojones and make a date with the ball winder so I can fix my idiotic error.

2 Responses to “See Spring Swear”

  1. 1 Kate

    This post is useless without pictures! How bad is it?

  2. 2 Donna

    Shouldn’t that be “HEAR Spring Swear”? It’s much more fun that way. (Or as Tracy would say “Eeeww! You just had something in your mouth that I wouldn’t have in my hand!”

    And swear condescendingly as you unwind it…like “Oh yeah, who’s my bitch? You’re my bitch!” and so on. You’ll get a lot of personal satisfaction, *and* everyone who overhears will leave you alone.

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