All Cowboy Boots Point Toward Puyallup

Ahh, The Puyallup Fair. A yearly trip filled with expensive food, cheap trinkets, and scone lines a mile long. It is possibly the only place you will find someone in shit kickers and a gang-banger in the same booth. And every year I return with a Cowchip Cookie and a case of gastric distress the next day.

Last year I passed on entering anything simply because I had nothing to show. Such was not the case this year and I managed to get three items done and entered on time. So a few weeks ago off I went with Lizard Ridge, my Manos Clapotis, and my felted silk and cashmere shawl. I didn’t have high hopes because the fair draws from such a large area but I was pleasantly surprised when made the trip over on Friday.

red clap

lizard ridge fair

sc wrap fair

Some how I managed to pull off an Honourable Mention, Second Place, and Third Place. The Second Place ribbon comes with a premium of $5.00, or not enough to pay for parking let alone a skein of the yarn that went into the piece. Overall I am very pleased with how I did and I can’t wait to see the judges comments.

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  1. 1 Stacey

    Congrats Spring! All these knitters entering their items in the fair!! I guess it really is a big thing!

    Wonderful knitting! :o)

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