Is It Naptime Yet?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwing of activity. Last Friday Misterpants and I saw Bethany off at the airport as she moved to Japan. From there we went into Seattle to pick up Himself and then ran down to Puyallup to drop off my enteries for the Western Washington Fair. Now it is a simple case of waiting until the fair opens on the 7th to see if I placed at all.

I’ve been knitting when the cat allows it. Ever since I finished Lizard Ridge Misterpants has been asking for a blanket of his own, his evil mother won’t share hers. Last months we finally picked out some Tahki Cotton Classic and knitting commenced on a Mason-Dixon Mitered Square blankie for him. I’ve known for some time that My has a yarn fetish but it seems that he really loves cotton. I can’t get a picture of the one completed square without him molesting it in some way.

cat and cotton

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