High Voltage

Several weeks back Misterpant’s Grandfather took the time to show and explain to him how to work a record player. Some times I have a hard time grasping the fact that he will never know a life with high speed internet, high-def television, or (for now, at least) war. He has point-blank asked where the monitor was for a typewriter. So the fact that can knowingly work a record player, and balance a penny on the head of it if needed, makes me giggle. The fact he was using one to listen to AC/DC is just par for the course.

You see, there are only two reactions I get when telling somone that my son listens to AC/DC. The first is pure shock, the kind that reads, WhatKindOfParentAreYou! The other is amusement; in either that I am allowed to parent a child to begin with or that he even knows who AC/DC is. I’ve often had to remind people that he was the child that would fall asleep to the soft sounds of Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song as a newborn.

In many ways I have had to suspend my own disbelief at his musical tasted. Much of what he likes is older than his parents. The local classic rock station is a favourite. He has no idea who Raffi is but will frequently request to listen to the Rent Soundtrack. He knows the words to most Willie Nelson songs. And now he can just as easily flip an album as he can zip through an iTunes music library in search of something to listen to.

2 Responses to “High Voltage”

  1. 1 Libby

    MHP listens to non-kid music way more than he listens to kid music.

    His first concert was Evanescence and Nickelback when he was 3. I take him to Bumbershoot every year so he can see all different kinds…I want him to be one of THOSE kids who has a well-rounded life.

    No Raffi allowed. 🙂

  2. 2 Donna

    Better heavy metal than pimps-n-hoes!

    I wonder just how noisy your house would be if he started listening to Macy Grey, too. Or if Macy Grey and Brian Johnson did a duet….

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