Skirt Lust

I so rarely have clothing lust. While I get worked up about a new style of Campers, I could care less about what the Gap produced this season. But when a friend presented a picture of herself in her new LibbyDibby Skirt, I fell in love. The only question now is do I order it in Blue Sky Girl or Choco Milk Bubbles?

4 Responses to “Skirt Lust”

  1. 1 Sarah

    oohhh I want blue sky girl

  2. 2 Bethany

    I like them both, but I vote for the Choco Milk Bubbles – four colors to play with…including your spring green…

  3. 3 Tamara

    That’s a hard one, I like both!

  4. 4 Donna

    Neither! Make your own in the colors that you *really* want!

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