Fun > School

Or, Signs That Seniorist May Be Setting In (three years) Early.

– You see that your Women’s Studies class requires a service learning project and promptly drop the class.
– You can’t be arsed to remove the plastic wrap on your Logic text until several days after the class starts.
– You crank out a Lizard Ridge square in one day, all while using your Health text to prop up the pattern.

3 Responses to “Fun > School”

  1. 1 Emily

    I don’t mean to lecture, but you only have one chance at getting everything you can out of school. If you don’t take that opportunity, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Your knitting will be there next week, but next week will be too late to really learn what you were taught this week.

  2. 2 Your Sister

    Given the title of “fun>school” and the list that follows, I can see the temptation to call a spade a spade.

    Personally, I’m not sure why Spring was in a Women’s Studies class to begin with (probably much of the same reason that I had to take a Public Speaking class…twice. Not because I failed, but because the credit didn’t transfer. In the end, it didn’t apply to my final degree, either.)

    While I understand your concern, I disagree. Life itself is a classroom, and I believe that it is the sum total of a person’s life experiences that form them into the individual they are today. Learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom walls.

    There may also be unmentioned details that are not being taken into consideration. I know that both Spring and I don’t write about every single detail of our lives. If you were to judge us by our internet journals alone, you would think that A)all Spring does is knit and complain about how life is unfair, B)all I do is chase Mexicans out of my yard and complain about how life is unfair and C)all you do is knit…nothing else. None of the three is a realistic assumption.

    “Mom-ing” over the net will only increase your own frustration. I’m saying that you’re wrong- I know Spring well enough to believe that she is not completely innocent of your charges, but I am saying that there is probably more going on that is visible. At any rate, I’m glad she finally cracked the logic text. If it’s anything like the logic class I took, she’s in for a rude surprise.

    The Big Sister

  3. 3 Jana

    Actually I agree somewhat with the first comment and would actually take it one step further and say that, you know, once you drop your Women’s Studies class, your life is pretty much over and you are destined to a miserable existence wearing nothing but hairshirts and eating crickets out of some cave in a third world country and spending your days passing time by counting cracks in the dirt.

    What a waste of a life. What a crying shame. Gah, it just sickens me to think about it. Why did I come in here and read this post today? Why? Why?

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