Honest Ma, it followed me home!

I’ve been debating for some time about replacing my Louet wheel. While the wheel itself is great it causes a host of other issues, not including killer back aches caused by a low oriface height and the inability to be moved out of the range of little people. So past this week while Misterpants was at Chez Grandma I made the trip over to Seattle. Eventually I wound up at Weaving Works where wheels were played with, spun on, and stroked in almost indecent ways. And then I did something I hadn’t planned on doing and bought one.

new wheel

I am now the proud owner of a folding double treadle Lendrum. Misterpants quickly claimed the Louet wheel as his since, “Mommy has a new wheel and I need one.” I’m afraid if I can’t remove him from the S51 the next owner of it will get a free preschooler as part of the deal.

3 Responses to “Honest Ma, it followed me home!”

  1. 1 Tana

    Congratulations on your new purchase!! I hope it’s better for you than your last one!

  2. 2 Ellen

    Ooooooo…. I wanna play too.

  3. 3 Amber A

    Hi, just found your site and am enjoying it! I have been contemplating a Lendrum after having sold my Schacht (I wanted one that folded). I have heard that Lendrums often aren’t in stock and you have to wait for them? I’ve been hesitating because of that. Apparently, that’s not the case? I would love to hear how you like your Lendrum!

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