Madrona in 100 Words

Wake early on Thursday. Drive, drive, drive to Tacoma. Lose self in Marketplace, hello Blue Moon! Check into hotel room. Lunch with Bethany, dinner with Dad. Much more marketplace, hello Blue Moon (again). El Gaucho attacks, fall asleep drunk. Hooray, no hang over! AM Morphing Cables class with Fiona. Require nap, drive home. Drive, drive, drive to Tacoma again on Sunday. Plying for Colour in the morning. Lunch with the most awesome Jessica and friends. Three Wild Downs in the PM, fondle cashmere in non-legal ways. Run back to the marketplace, run back to class. Grab wheel, drive home.

2 Responses to “Madrona in 100 Words”

  1. 1 Kate

    I’ve never wanted to be cashmere so much in my life…

  2. 2 Jessica

    It was great meeting you!

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