Insomnia is a cruel mistress. She ranks up there with gravity, old age, and that bastard who created the thong. As I write this it is nearing 4:30 am and yours truely has had about five minutes of sleep. I’m not wuite sure what the problem is, only that it will be corrected on Tuesday with a call to my primary care provider and a subsequent prescription for some kind of sleep aid. Because really, this whole up-until-1am shit has got to stop.

I am often loathe to speak of any health issues here. It is putting a piece of myself up for display that I am not sure I’m ready to show off yet. After all, nothing screams attractive like a 27 year old woman who can’t fall asleep, stay asleep, and who has the raccoon eyes to prove it. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t resent my son’s ability fall asleep the second he crawls into bed. Clearly this is a trait he inherited from his father. The only ones I seemed to of passed along are long, skinny feet and a shade of blonde hair that looks dirty even if it was just washed.

Perhaps this would all be a lot easier if I simply could switch my mind to “off” the second I hit the sheets. After all if that was the case it would keep me from posting at 4:30 in the morning.

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  1. 1 Anna

    I had some terrible bouts with insomnia in grad school…I think part of it is probably school and a good chunk of it is just being a woman. There’s so much to think about and take care of (I can imagine this multiplied by 3000 when you’re a mommy) that it’s down right daunting and nearly impossible to turn your brain off at times.

    Either way, I feel your pain and can understand where you’re coming from. Either way, I hope you and your doctor are able to come up with a solution that works well for you!

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