Bullet point format, complete one massive error on my part.

– Himself is starting a new job in the near future. A job that includes a move, which means looking for a house, which means budgeting for said house, and all the fancy bullshit that comes along with it. Thrilling, really. The job that is, not the fancy bullshit.

– The left and right front are now both finished on the Sweater-Formerly-Known-As-Whoosh. Said sweater will now be referred to as the Sweater From Hell. While hanging out in the woods at my parents place, listening to the horny elk bleet (no shit, folks) and watching “What the Bleep Do We Know!?“, I managed to get the neck band and one side band picked up and knit, along with seaming said side of the sweater. This leave a sleeve to be knit, one side band to be finished, and two seams to be stitched up. Once that is done there will be much rejoicing and wine drinking.

– School still sucks. Term papers suck. Writing sucks. Thankfully my English recs will be done after this quarter. This will mean more rejoicing and wine drinking.

– The massive error. I picked up one hell of a traffic ticket today while driving to the shop. And that is all I will say about it right now, my ego is still trying to recover. And no, there was no wine involved.

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