The Journey of a Thousand Miles. Or, My Feet Hurt.

I did the Puyallup. For five hours. And goddamn, my feet hurt. And before anyone askes, yes, I bought wool. No, there are no pictures of it (yet). Yes, I totally lost my shit when I saw prepared fleece that was undyed. Tomorrow afternoon will be spent heading to The Artful Ewe in Kingston so the Nuclear Engineer and I can pick up my paltry purchase and her EIGHT POUNDS (and then some) of raw fleece. Heidi Parra proved that she is the Coolest Person Ever when she allowed us to toss our purchases in the back of her truck so we wouldn’t have to lug them around the fairgrounds.

The moral of this short story? The cool Heidi Parra will both enable you to buy wool and spend hours walking around, looking for more sheep.

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