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Yeah, Hi.

Its uh, been a while eh. Perhaps I should work on updating more often.

In the past month I have finished school until September, had five hands in my mouth while sitting in three different dental chairs, looked for a job with zero results, and I am now at home with a five year old who picked up the chicken pox while at Pacific Science Center. Seems we got a little something extra while taking in Kung Fun Panda at the IMAX theater. At least this means I won’t have to fight with the school district over exactly why my child has not been immunized against a generic childhood illness.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on my Mum’s socks, spinning a three-ply sock yarn for myself, and rescued a Baby Surprise Jacket from the clutches of Captain Evil the Cat, the little fucker. Adventures in oral health continue into next month and I have to say, thanks Mum and Dad for the shit genetics and juvenile disease. In the meantime I’ll be on the back patio sipping something fruity and rimmed with Xanax to get through Misterpant’s case of the pox.