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Like This Mohair Boucle, My Weekend Was Wild And Crazy

mohair boucle

I have many tales to tell of this years Madrona Winter Retreat but until I get some sleep this mohair boucle will have to tell them all.

Conversation With Man

The scene: My bathroom with me in the shower, complete with weird cat who stared at the curtain the entire time*.

Me (being rudely interrupted): What do you want?
Him: REI is having a sale right now.
Me: I know.
Him: It is the .83 sale.
Me: I know. And you are telling me this why?
Him: I don’t know. Just in case you want anything.

(It was at this point the poles shifted, hell froze over, and Clinton dropped out of the race for president. You get the idea.)

Me: Why, what do you want?
Him: Oh, nothing.

And he leaves the room.

Internets, I tell you this because I will find something I like. And I will be told, “Oh, not right now,” or, “Do you really need another pair of shoes?” (The answer to that is yes, by the way.) Just let it be known that he told me to go look, and in fact encouraged it.

*Seriously. Can’t I just have one normal animal?