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New Week, New Socks


Bonus points to the person who can point out the pattern I am working.

Phoenix Socks

phoenix socks

Diamante by Deb Barnhill, Fall ’06
Needles 32″ Addi Turbo Lace needle, 2.5mm (1 US)

I changed the pattern from a gusset heel to a short row heel and used every last bit of yarn I had. When I bound off the second sock (for the third time, le sigh) I was left with just over a yard of yarn. These socks were my first experience with the Addi lace needles and I love them in a way that is both and unnatural and illegal in 13 states. Since these were finished I snagged a 47″ version of the same needle I can use the Magic Loop method to do two toe-up socks at once.

Asleep At The Wheel

Those socks? Yeah, they’re coming, just as soon as I can find a minute so I can find the battery charger for my camera. Someone (not me, for once) left the bloody thing turned on. The same someone (again, not me) also can not locate the charger. Good hired help these days is so hard to find.

105% of my time has been consumed by school. My statistics class is fierce at it’s best, and the only bright spot in my writing intensive film class is that I get to pick what I want to watch, review, and write about. I never expected that my college education would become a great excuse to finally get a Netflix account, but it has. This week has been all about Little Miss Sunshine. Next week it is Forrest Gump, which is good because that is about the time my brain is going to melt due to my stats class.

And just to prove that my family can not stay out of the hospital, my Grandmother is having a heart valve replaced this week, at the age of 82. She is extremely healthy for her age, and coupled with the fact that the women in my family routinely live longer than 95 years they’re giving her a wicked carbon fiber replacement. The downside of this is a week long hospital stay and that, you know, it is major surgery. All this is also going down at the same hospital my Darling Little Big Brother spent his time at. Given that we sport a very uncommon last name I am sure the nurses will wonder if our family has any luck other than the bad kind. As for me, this just means I will be spending some more quality time in the ICU waiting room. Which is good, because it is quiet and conducive for studying statistics.