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Arrgh, She Knits!

Just to prove that everything around here hasn’t been books, tests, and piss and vinegar.

strange lace

New socks. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Strange Harvest, the pattern is Waving Lace from the ever-loveable Evelyn Clark. At my current rate I should have them finished around the time Misterpants finishes his university degree.

Random Observation

I might really like my Human Origins Anthropology class if the instructor wasn’t such a douche bag.

In the words of Silent Bob, I’ve got nothin’.

I woke this morning with a sore throat, ringing ears, and aching jaws. It seems that I grind my teeth during my sleep when I am developing a cold. The only good thing about my tonsils revolting against me right now is that Le Kidlet is at Chez Grandma, leaving me to rest in bed, coked up on Tylenol and whatever else I can get my hands on.

Of course, being coked up presents a problem when it comes to studying. It is mighty hard to concentrate when you can’t keep your eyes open for more than 30 seconds. I’ve taken to reading my International Relations text to the cat, at this point I am sure he remembers more about politics in the Ottoman Empire than I do. If only he had opposable thumbs he could take the chapter tests for me too.

No Sheep For You

Most people have a cat that runs toward the sound of a can opener. I have a cat that runs toward the clack of metal knitting needles.

The Birthday Scarf

finished pink clapotis

Yarn: My own hand dyed pink silk in Bubble Gum
Needles: Lantern Moon size 8 US straights
Pattern: A modified version of Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis

I modified Kate’s shawl pattern into a scarf and then knit about 4587245987 repeats to get the length. I used roughly 210 yards of the yarn I had. I did not block it because I don’t think between the drap and the natural urge to curl it would of done any good. Happy birthday, Bethany! I hope you like your gift.

Blogger Math

Add together one slow weblog, one slow knitter, one child without available daycare, and a wool molesting cat. Subract several hours of sleep each night, a dash of patience, and any available free time.

What are you let with?