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Beware, Indeed

Is March over yet? I am ready for the month to stop shitting on my friends. House fires, sick relatives, major surgery, and torn ligaments are just a few of the things people that I know have encountered.

So please, March. Go away. I’ve had enough.

All Koigu, All The Time

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Excuse The Mess

It seems my weblog is currently a mess. I just switched hosting providers, my old one decided to stop supporting MySQL (in his defense, it was free hosting). As a result the past couple of days have been a mess of getting WordPress set up, the old data base being moved, and getting a new theme up and running. Three cheers for the husband for doing all that while I stood behind him going, “Can you please do this?”, and not strangling me.

In the meantime I have one more final to complete tomorrow. Then I have two blissful weeks off before 12 weeks of Logic, Women’s Studies, and Health. God help me with the first two.

Monkey See

hear no evil

Words coming soon, after finals. Yeah, after finals.