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I Have Nothing

Well, no pictures at least. My dSLR is currently on its way to the repair shop, via UPS (and what amounted to a reaming at the counter to pay for it). Hopefully it’ll be a quick fix and I won’t have to wait three months to use it again. In the meantime I’ve been using a small Canon point and shoot. Sure, it takes pictures, but it just isn’t the same.

Otherwise I don’t have any knitting progress to report. I ripped apart a pair of socks I was working on. I discovered Sherwood wasn’t going to fit Misterpants, both in the length and the chest, so it was promptly ripped off the needles. It seems that anything I touch lately is laced with the Kiss of Knitting Death. This may not be a bad thing since I have three weeks left this quarter, a period that includes an oral history transcript, a discussion final, and two written finals, and that all important partridge in a pear tree.

Honest Ma, it followed me home!

I’ve been debating for some time about replacing my Louet wheel. While the wheel itself is great it causes a host of other issues, not including killer back aches caused by a low oriface height and the inability to be moved out of the range of little people. So past this week while Misterpants was at Chez Grandma I made the trip over to Seattle. Eventually I wound up at Weaving Works where wheels were played with, spun on, and stroked in almost indecent ways. And then I did something I hadn’t planned on doing and bought one.

new wheel

I am now the proud owner of a folding double treadle Lendrum. Misterpants quickly claimed the Louet wheel as his since, “Mommy has a new wheel and I need one.” I’m afraid if I can’t remove him from the S51 the next owner of it will get a free preschooler as part of the deal.

Insult, meet injury.

Today has not been a good day. My dSLR has died for reasons unknown, the male child has been even more of an unholy terror, and I had to rip apart the lemongrass sock. It is a good thing I wrote my geology exam yesterday or I probably would of failed that fucker too.

Sherwood Forest

I think I’ve about recovered from the Head Cold From Hell. My skull no longer feels like it’ll break into thousands of pieces as any given moment, something I consider to be a bit of a good thing. The bad thing was I started on the heel flap of my Lemongrass Rock ‘n Weave sock and it just about zapped my will to live. So, like any good knitter would, I started a new project.

sage sherwood

Meet Sherwood. My local yarn haunt is going out of business (*sob*) and I’ve been itching to make this sweater for my son for a few months now. Julie originally tried to order me the needed Cotton Fleece in Mariner Blue, only to find out it was horribly back ordered. Luckily she had three skeins of Sage left and so I snagged those at the start of the sale.

The colour and pattern make me want to go frolick through Sherwood Forest. And I likely would if someone could promise me that Sheriff of Nottingham would tie me up and make me pay for my misdeads.


The only issue I forsee is having to lengthen the body and sleeves of the sweater. This should be fairly easy since it is knit in the round but just for once I would love to have a pattern actually fit as written when it comes to making stuff for Misterpants. But for now I am knitting along, waiting for cable and cotton induced RSI to hit.

Here. Let me sneeze on you.

The husband was kind enough to share his cold with me. While it has squashed my want to do anything academic (and believe me, I have loads to do) it has made for loads of time to knit in bed. Which is good, because I am in love with this sock.

rock n weave