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Just a wee bit of proof that I have been knitting.


Pattern: Pirate Sweater by Zoe Mellor, available in Adorable Knits for Tots
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Poppy and Thunder, Rowan Cashcotton in White
Needles: US 4 and US 6 24″ Addi Turbos

And I do mean wee, it sized for a 6-12 month old. I made the sweater as a baby shower gift for two recovering goth parents and it was the first large-ish scale intarsia I’ve done. The pattern calls for Rowan Handknit Cotton or in my opinion what people who enjoy pain use when doing intarsia. I opted for the Cashsoft and Cashcotton for ease of use and more colour options.

A Post-It Note From the Edge

Last month a member of the local Stitch n Bitch mentioned that Christmas brings out the “sweatshop elf in all of us”. I’ve been too busy cranking out gifts for everyone else to do much spinning or knitting. And what I have gotten done for myself is laughable. A tiny amount of Merino/Silk from Chasing Rainbows here, a couple rounds of a lace sock there. And I won’t even begin to discuss my neglected Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I think it’ll take more than a wing and a prayer (and a week alone) to be able to wear it to Madrona this year.

The only good thing about holiday knitting is that it tends to be mindless. Which is good when you are sitting on the couch watching Cars for the second time and wondering when your three and a half year old will grow tired of the movie.

Is This Thing On?

I’m still here, having survived Fall quarter without lasting wounds. There has been some knitting, spinning, and a whole lotta ripping going on here. More when I have a chance to take photos of it all.