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Teh suck.

I’ve reached a point in term paper writing where I feel I am spending more time with my laptop than I am with my family.

I can not wait for this class to be over.

Houston, We Have An Addict

sweet jesus

Meet my sock yarn stash.

As you can see, it is a little, uh, big. After all, I only have two hands and two feet, and yet there is enough yarn there for 30+ pairs of socks. One may call that an issue, I call it insurence. I mean, we could run out of wool for socks one day and who would be laughing when I still could knit them and everyone else could not? It is also worth pointing out that my feet will never be cold (if I’d ever finish another pair, ahem), nor will they suffer in a sub-par material that can’t wick moisture from my wee piggies.

I was asked what I didn’t need for Christmas shortly after I took this picture. The obvious answer was sock yarn. However the following question now begs to be asked. Exactly how guilty will I feel tomorrow when I wake up and realize that signing up for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club defeated the purpose of my answer?

Buying Karma

When Misterpants and I arrived home from an afternoon of errands, a large box was waiting for me on the front porch. Inside of it was this.


Meet Nora. Nora was handmade by the lovely Larisa over at Offhand Designs. Larisa’s neice Kyann has Charcot Marie Tooth muscular dystrophy and needs a new wheelchair. While insurence covered about 2/3rds of the purchase price of the wheelchair Kyann needs, Larisa took it apon herself to raise the rest of the required amount by giving away her bags as gifts for donations.

I told himself about the fundraiser and he promptly donated. He said he considered it buying back some karma, because we could someday be in the same position and he hoped that someone would help us too. As for myself, I just hope Kyann gets her wheelchair.