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Treadle Treadle

I spent seven hours spinning with the local weavers and spinners guild at the country fair today. Even now, six hours after I packed up and left I feel like my legs and feet are going a million miles an hour.

Two Hands, No Flashlight

I seem to have misplaced five skeins of Koigu, a set of size five double points, and the pattern for Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy Shawl. And by misplaced I mean that it went to the same place that second sock does while in the dryer. It isn’t on the dining room table. Or in the stash boxes. Or on the couch. Or, god forbid, hidden in our bedroom. Even asking the small male child didn’t produce results, and he is someone who can find the keys you misplaced last year (probably because he was the one that hid them). My only hope is that I find the bag everything is it before the needles for the project arrive. Wish me luck, and please send wine.



Ahh, Vanessa. I actually finished this sweater before we left for LA last month, it has just taken me a month to get around to posting about it. More likely, it took me a month to get over the resentment of the shitty pattern that spawned the above item.

Vanessa is knit in RY Classic Cafe’s Luxury Cotton DK in Crisp. The pattern comes from Rowan’s Classic Arts book, written by the ferret-y Martin Storey. I knit a size small and used just over half a ball more than the pattern called for despite getting gauge with the recommended needle size. And by some act of God I didn’t get a RSI while working on the 15cm of 2×2 ribbing knit in SIZE THREE needles on the front and back pieces.

The only changes I made to the pattern was working Japanese shortrows on the shoulders so I could do a three needle BO instead of sewing the shoulders together. I also maintained my total disregard for the amount of stitches on picks up around the neckline, doing it so that no matter what I picked up the outside edge showed nice even rib while it ended with k1.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I knit this pattern again. Luckily it was a shop model so I had to finish it or I imagine I would of tossed the damn thing into a dark corner a long time ago.