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Bits and Pieces

I burned my wrist tonight while removing the last tray of cupcakes from the oven. Don’t worry Jana, they weren’t of the chai tea sort. Instead they’re for the owner of my local yarn shop to help celebrate her birthday and customer appreciation day. You have to love a place where a party is thrown by the person having the birthday for other people.

I also made it out of Stitch N Pitch alive, if not a little lighter in the wallet. I came home with a hand dyed skein of self striping Mariners colours sock yarn and two ounces of a 50% merino/50% cultivated silk blend roving dyed by Chasing Rainbows from Spin Alpaca. Thankfully I just got two more bobbins for my wheel so I’ll now be able to free cup others by plying what I have spun and then get to the silk blend.

Lastly, I am again participating in this years Blogathon. Instead of working Reusablog over with Jennie again, I have joined a group of ladies here. We’re blogging for Heifer International. If you’d like to sponsor us please do so, as all the money pledged to us goes directly to the charity.

Look Ma! Real Knitting Content!

Yes yes, I know. Be still your heart.


So, Pomatomus. I started this sock about six weeks ago, right before finals. You know, the time when knitting was the last damned thing I should of been doing. As I slugged my way through the term paper I did the same with the twisted rib at the top of the sock, and got them done at about the same time too. Since then I’ve worked on the sock off and on when I have a chance. I went to LA, the sock did not. I went to San Diego, the sock did not. I am going to the M’s Stitch n Pitch game next week, the sock is not. I figure I’ll be lucky if I get the toe done before fall quarter starts.

Overall I love the pattern. It has just enough ‘umph’ to keep the twisted rib from getting horribly boring and makes people stop and say things like, “how in the hell did you do that?’, and, “wow, you are so cool/amazing/off your goddamned rocker.” I’m using some Koigu I dug up from the bottom of the sock yarn stash box. Because I have huge feet the heels and toes are being done in a matching dark brown, giving me a snowballs chance in hell of having enough yarn to finish them off. You know, around mid-September.


We’re back from Southern California. Much fun, sun, alcohol, and cupcakes were had. I’d say more but I am sure Jana has several stories of her own to tell first, including one about the state of my breasts.

Beached Whale

Really, what is so bloody hard about finding a bathing suit that both fits and looks good?