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Going bonkers I am.

This damned kimono sweater will be the death of me. Granted, it is an infant sweater but is there anything more annoying than having to knit every piece twice because you’re too stupid to do it right the first time?

No, I didn’t think so either.

Ugg-ly Booties

Ugg-ly Boots

Ravenclaw PoA Scarf


Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Navy and Thunder
Needles: Addi Natura Sz 7 16″ Circular
Pattern: PoA Scarf from atypically.knit

So, the specifics. The scarf is seven feet long without fringe, contains the better part of ten (yes, TEN) skeins of yarn, has 15 pattern repeats, and a metric ton of fringe. I shunned the whole ‘canon k1p1’ idea and went for straight stockingnet. I value my sanity and wrists more than what someone thinks of a scarf.

Next up in the realm of Harry Potter knitting, a Weasley sweater for the mini.

64 Rows*

the miles I've knit...

*That would be rows left until fringing. Hooray!

Not For Public Consumption

The Interweave Knits ’05 winter preview is up, finally. But I have to know who decided that the mukluks needed to be published. Clearly they need to be slapped.


Work on the Ravenclaw PoA scarf continues around here. I’ve now got nine trapped bar repeats finished which means there is a hope in hell of it being in time for the Goblet of Fire movie premier. A good thing too, since as I have tickets for the midnight showing.