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Haiku for Socks

where is my fucking wine?

how you taunt me so
with your figure eight cast on
a pain in the ass

such pretty colours
they look lovely when knit up
destined for frogging

god damnit i mutter
calming knitting this isn’t
in time out you go

Blue Swoon

Look at what I got.


Aren’t they lovely? Cynthia made them using Nancy Bush’s Rib and Cable pattern and Cherry Tree Hill yarn. A girl couldn’t ask for a better combo.

Thanks again, Cynthia!

Yikes, Stripes!


Yarn: Trekking XXL 100
Needles: Crystal Palace Sz 1 6″ DPNs
Pattern: My own special formula*

Oh, Trekking. Where do I start. How about the stripey goodness? These socks look so much alike, yet so different. One is definatly “red”, the other is “green”. And even with my huge 10.5 feet and a foldover picot top I managed to not use the whole skein, something of a miracle considering the tiny gauge in which I made these.

*Formula as follows. CO 68 sts. Work for 7.5″. Work heel of choice. Decrease for toes when foot length equals 7.75″. Kitchener close when six stitches remain on each needle. Admire finished socks and wear often.

In the Bag

in the bag

My tote and a field trip of sorts. Sounds like fun, no? Think of it as me being accountable for what I should be working on.

almost flora

An almost finished Flora. The neckband is still in need of a good blocking and she is lacking a large button for the flower. Both of those issues I hope to have resolved this week so I can stop feeling guilty about the fact I have procrastinated longer about the blocking the neckband than the time it took me to knit it.

these damn things again

My toe-up socks. Yes, I am still working on the first one. At this rate they’ll never get done, and that may be ok with me. I am finding the short row heel to be a pain in my ass. Not because it is hard, it isn’t, but because it looks like complete ass every time I do it. I supose that means I should find a new method.

all eyes on me

An end-to-edge poncho in Rowan Calmer. A yarn I am sure that is named Calmer because that is exactly what you need to be when it comes to the price of it. The pattern is dreadfully boring which makes for slow knitting. Still, I need the needles it is on for Samus so it will have to be finished at some point.

yikes, stripes

And miles of tiny stitches to go. Most of my time has gone to getting these finished so I can wear them when the weather goes cold. Plus they look damn cool so why wouldn’t I want to get them finished?

On Display

We went and did The Fair (yes, it must be capitalized) on Friday. There is something very cool about walking into the main pavilion and seeing your hand work on display.

I didn’t win anything, but I didn’t expect to either. The class it fell under had about 45 enteries, more than twice the usual amount. I was pleased to see that a fellow SnB’r from the shop took second place however, I know how much work she put into the piece.

I managed to finish my first Trekking sock. No pictures, just take my word for it. I am pleased to say it fits well and feels like buttah. For a yarn that is hard on the hands it is rather soft on the foot. Now I just need to get my ass in gear and get past the picot edge on it’s twin.

The Cost

One pair of size 11 Clover bamboo needles and a skein of pink Encore Chunky, $13.62. The aunt who promised her five year old neice knitting lessons, priceless.