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Blogathon ’05

Note: Shameless self-promotion ahead.

I’ll be taking part in this years Blogathon, along with Jennie (of fame) on August 6th. We’re blogging for Project Linus, something that is near and dear to both of us.

If Project Linus is something you have supported or donated to in the past, please consider sponsoring us. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, and all donations go directly to Project Linus. And if you’re not able to sponsor us, stop by and cheer us on. Come 3am, I am sure we’ll both need it.

One Skein Wonder

Yarn: Rowan Cotton Rope in Squash
Needles: Addi Turbo Sz 6 and Sz 8 32″ circulars
Pattern: One Skein Wonder by Stefanie Japel for Glampyre Knits

Where to start.

I ended up not doing the seed stitch on the “sleeves”, instead opting for matching ribbing. I bound all the ribbing off with a size nine needle so that my torso wouldn’t have the blood flow cut off from it by a too-tight top. The colour was actually picked out by our Rowan rep at the shop. I wasn’t crazy about it at first but I think she was on to something.

At 63 yards per skein it is pretty much a given that this wasn’t, in fact, a one skein wonder. Try four skeins, with maybe 15 yards left over, which means I used well over the yardage on the pattern. This is to blame because I used a US six needle instead of a US 5, and the method in which I picked up the stitches for the ribbing around the body.

And yes, I know I said I would post this two days ago. But it has been sunny and warm. Can you really blame me for avoiding the computer?

Raspberry Swirl

Oh, Artyarns Supermerino. How I love me some crazy-ass pooling. I hope my sock pal does too.

Tomorrow, a finished one three FOUR Skein Wonder.

Stressed, again

A recipe for (di)stress.

Cotton yarn + looming deadline = RSI.

Now if you don’t mind, I am off to find the Advil and quiet the whining wrist down. After all, I work Saturday and must have a One Skein Wonder* to wear.

*Really three skeins in my case, but we’ll discuss that at another time.

Feather and Fan

Ahh, a finished Misty Garden. It still needs a good blocking but I am SO GLAD I don’t have to do another four row feather and fan repeat any time soon.

The finishing of this project makes my hands sad, however. The largest needles I am using for a project at the moment are US Sz 2. Let the repetative stress injuries begin!

Waiting with Misterpants

And he’ll wear it, too.