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Signs you may knit to much.

-Your child comes over, pets what you are knitting, and proudly proclaims, “Wool!”, and leaves.
-Your child gets recognized at your LYS before you do.
-Despite the fact your wrist hurts like a bitch you pop a couple Advil and keep on going. After all, your mother deserves a present after all the shit you put her through as a kid.

Repetative Stress Entry

I’m currently nursing my third RSI (repetitive stress injury) in as many months. Perhaps this is the hint (swift kick in the ass?) that I needed to finally sign up for the continental knitting class at Churchmouse Yarns.

Because of said RSI, all knitting has stopped for the time being. And because of that, I am highly doubting my ability to have those damn Lorna’s Laces socks done for Mothers Day. Bah!


Yarn: Koigu Kersti, colourway number 3049
Needles: Addi Turbo Sz 7 32″ Circular
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

I love this pattern. LOVE IT. It’s easy to read and fairly mindless once you get going, two things that are a must when dealing with someone who is two and doesn’t understand the words “one more row”. To those who spend their time whining about the pattern and how they don’t understand why it’s so popular, stuff it. Then find yourself a two year old and try to find something to knit. You’ll soon understand why it is so damn great.

I used five and a half skeins of Kersti and managed to do 14 repeats instead of the 12 in the pattern. I probably could of done another but the wrap was rapidly outgrowing my lap and my arm span. The Kersti was a dream to work with and could I afford more of it, I’d quickly amass quite the collection of it. Now all I need is the right function to wear Clapotis to.

Clap clap!

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

All that AND a Bag of Chips

In the past week I have turned 26, started Clapotis in Kersti, bought even more Koigu KPPPM, put off working on the Lorna’s Laces sock, read most of At Knit’s End, and still managed to wash and fold clothes. Phew.

Flash’n my Stash

Note to self. Lay off the yarn purchases for a while.

Flash'n my stash

That’s just the worsted stuff. I managed to get the rest of my stash shorted into weights and onto Flickr, complete with notes of what everything is. More proof that I should spend less time online and more time knitting!