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Bluefaced Orange

Why, it’s a Misty Garden!

This yarn is impossible to photograph in anything less than full natural light. Youll have to trust me when I say the yarn is really orange. It’s actually the yarn I purchased way back in September at a local fair. I’m using the yarn on the left, the Bluefaced Leicester. The slight varigation in the yarn lends itself wonderfully to the pattern and it is a dream to knit up, it’s so soft!

Try, try again.

Oh, hi! I’ve been knitting, really. I’ve almost finished the sleeve cap on my second sweater sleeve. This is handy because it means I can rip apart the first cap since it was knit incorrectly.


I’m always a fan of knitting something twice. Aren’t you?

Recycled Silk Scarf

Yarn: Himalayan Yarn Co. Tibet Recycled Silk
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo Sz 9 24″ Circular
Pattern: Karen Baumer’s Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

This projected started out as a single skein of yarn that I purchased at Sweet Stitch to make a hat. At starting at it for several days I decided to go back and get two more skeins in different colours to make a scarf. I got there just in time too, as all she had left were four skeins.

Fast forward a few weeks. I got this wild idea to put beaded fringe on the ends. So off to the local bead shop I went, where I experienced massive sticker shock. Glass cane adds up fast, as it is sold by the gram. $32.00 later I had the 28 beads that I needed for the fringe.

Overall I am very pleased with how this scarf turned out. It’s over six feet long without the fringe and rather warm to boot. And while knitting it I quickly learned that short rows are something are not ment to be done in a percocet-addled state. My Mom seems to think she’ll be able to lay claim to this but I believe she is sadly mistaken, as it will be my neck this will be warming come next winter.

Surgical Love

I lied. Surgery is not going to be the 11th like I planned, but on the 4th instead. Yes, as in tomorrow, the 4th. I’m to be at the hospital at 9:30 and surgery is scheduled to start at 11am. With any luck I’ll be home tomorrow night in a drug-addled haze.