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Koo-koo for Kool-Aid

I’ve been told that I need to lay off buying Kool-Aid.

Starting at three o’clock. Pink Lemonade, Soarin’ Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry, Solar Starfruit Strawberry, Cherry, Tropical Punch, Jamaica, Switchin’ Secret Strawberry, Tangerine, Orange (US), Orange (CDN), Mango, Pineapple, Arctic Green Apple, Lemon Lime, Changin’ Cherry, Raspberry Reaction, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Grape (US), Grape (CDN), and Black Cherry.

Me thinks the person who said that may be right.

The Mother of All KAL’s

Something of interest for those in the west sound (or all over puget sound, if you’re willing to travel). The Poulsbohemian Coffee House in Poulsbo, WA is attempting to knit the worlds longest scarf. The record is currently 21 miles (yes, miles) and is held by a group of ladies in Raglan, Scotland. They’re attempting to go 22 miles. And if you’re wondering how far 22 miles is, the scarf when finished will go from the coffeehouse to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal and back. If you have a few minutes to spare stop by and help these wonderful ladies out. They’re also taking donations of yarn for this project.

Rock It

Finally, some Rockstar pictures.

I’ve got about 1/5th of the scarf done so far. For the record, tiny stitches and a toddler don’t mix around here, which has made for very very VERY slow going. Yes, he naps, but a girl has to shower at some point too.

But I digress.

I’m using colourway 621 which I can not find another picture of. It’s looks a lot more red than it really is. It’s intermixed with every other colour of the rainbow and looks wonderful against the black Apart.

And speaking of the Apart, you can see I need to do another section of it. Never in my life have I loathed six rows of knitting like I do those.

Stash Enchancement

It’s picture time!

I was inspired by Kerry’s loverly sock(s) and purchased some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Mariner/Ravenswood and the required needles to knit myself a pair too. I am in love with the colourway, the photo just doesn’t give the colours justice.

I also picked up this.

It’s Lambs Pride Worsted that was originally White Frost and is now varying shades of pink thanks to six shades of kool-aid. There’s actually two skeins there and it’s going to be a birthday present for a friend. I’m just waiting on the pattern to show up and then I can get started on it.

Faux Furry

Really, have I mentioned how much I hate GGH Apart? I imagine that working it on the recommended size eight US needles would make it manageable, something working it on size three needles isn’t. It’s also made me dread working on Rockstar, and the fact I’ve only gotten three repeats done in a week really shows that. At this rate, I’ll be wearing this scarf next winter.

Demon Fur

I hate GGH Apart.

Blue Pi

Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted in Aztec Turquoise and Limeaid
Needles: Addi Turbo Sz 10.5 24″ circular and Crystal Palace Sz 10.5 8″ DPNs
Pattern: Wendy Knits! Kitty Pi

One finished kitty bed. Because I used a smaller gauge than what the pattern said, it resulted in a slightly smaller bed, but that’s ok. Since when has a cat not squished themselves into an impossibly small spot anyways? The intended recipient may find a toddler in the box with the bed if he doesn’t stop playing with it, too.

Shop Girl

I finished and felted Kitty Pi. Since I don’t have a cat to display in it I’ll have to get the toddler to stand in.

I must be stopped from going to another LYS. In the past three days I have hit three and bought something every time I wouldn’t. The first two times weren’t too bad. Cascase 220 at Wild and Wooly to Kool-Aid dye and some Lambs Pride Bulky and size 11 needles for another kitty pi from Linda’s. However, that wasn’t enough so I blew the budget with the purchase of a small swift and yarn winder from Churchmouse.


On the plus side however, every skein of yarn that wasn’t wound now is and Rick didn’t have to listen to me bitch about doing it once.

Kitty Pi

I’ve started the wonderful Wendy Knits! Kitty Pi cat bed for D’s hellions cats. Hopefully it’ll keep them from molesting her sweaters. It’s also giving me the chance to work through some of my stash so I can buy more. Wee!