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Just a wee bit of proof that I have been knitting.


Pattern: Pirate Sweater by Zoe Mellor, available in Adorable Knits for Tots
Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Poppy and Thunder, Rowan Cashcotton in White
Needles: US 4 and US 6 24″ Addi Turbos

And I do mean wee, it sized for a 6-12 month old. I made the sweater as a baby shower gift for two recovering goth parents and it was the first large-ish scale intarsia I’ve done. The pattern calls for Rowan Handknit Cotton or in my opinion what people who enjoy pain use when doing intarsia. I opted for the Cashsoft and Cashcotton for ease of use and more colour options.



Ahh, Vanessa. I actually finished this sweater before we left for LA last month, it has just taken me a month to get around to posting about it. More likely, it took me a month to get over the resentment of the shitty pattern that spawned the above item.

Vanessa is knit in RY Classic Cafe’s Luxury Cotton DK in Crisp. The pattern comes from Rowan’s Classic Arts book, written by the ferret-y Martin Storey. I knit a size small and used just over half a ball more than the pattern called for despite getting gauge with the recommended needle size. And by some act of God I didn’t get a RSI while working on the 15cm of 2×2 ribbing knit in SIZE THREE needles on the front and back pieces.

The only changes I made to the pattern was working Japanese shortrows on the shoulders so I could do a three needle BO instead of sewing the shoulders together. I also maintained my total disregard for the amount of stitches on picks up around the neckline, doing it so that no matter what I picked up the outside edge showed nice even rib while it ended with k1.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before I knit this pattern again. Luckily it was a shop model so I had to finish it or I imagine I would of tossed the damn thing into a dark corner a long time ago.

Clapotis Deux

all done

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay, colour #115
Needles: Addi Turbo Sz 8 24″ circular
Pattern Clapotis by Kate Gilbert for

She was indeed worn to Madrona.

I finished the last stitches while heading home on Friday, blocked out the wrap on Friday night, and then wove in my two ends (hooray for felting your ends together) right before I walked out the door and drove down to Tacoma.

The weight of the scarf is a wee bit impractical at the moment. The weather no longer calls for something that weighs 600 grams and almost eight feet long. But I love the colour and get compliments whenever I wear it out.

Toe Up Socks


Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino, Colour #114
Needles: Addi Turbos Sz 3 24″ and 32″ Circulars
Pattern: My own

As a rule, they were a Christmas present. Yes, I know it is a month and a handful of days past Christmas. But in my own defense, I dropped a stitch in the second sock and had to rip back past the heel and back to the damn toe. And really, after doing that, who wants to knit on that project again?


I did the first sock on two circulars, the second using the magic loop method. The heel was short-rowed using PGR’s directions. And they were knit using a pattern that only exists in my mind. I bought the yarn at Churchmouse Yarns and Teas back when I took the original toe-up class at work, and after several false starts I finally got the first sock completed in October. Needless to say, Mum is totally not getting socks for Christmas next year.

Butt Uggly

butt uggly

Yarn: Berroco Suede in Tonto and Calamity Jane and Berocco Plush Colors in Secret Garden
Needles: Clover Takumi Sz 5 & 6 29″ Circular Needles
Pattern: Baby Ugg Booties and Baby Ugg Hat by Candi Jensen

Ko Ko Kimono

kimono sweater

Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Clementine
Needles: Addi Natura Sz 6 24″ Circular
Pattern: Ko Ko Kimono from Jil Eaton’s Minnies

Never has one small article of clothing caused to me to swear so much.


Moving on then. I changed the garter edging and roll neckband in the pattern to moss stitch, along with using Japanese shortrows at the neck to save myself from dealing with a nasty stair step bind-off. I knit the sleeves seperatly and then sewed them on instead of picking up the stitches and knitting them off the body. In the end I ended up needing three balls of yarn, but only used the last one for seaming and the ties on the front. This greatly annoyed me but I did need the 300 yards the pattern said I would.

Ravenclaw PoA Scarf


Yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK in Navy and Thunder
Needles: Addi Natura Sz 7 16″ Circular
Pattern: PoA Scarf from atypically.knit

So, the specifics. The scarf is seven feet long without fringe, contains the better part of ten (yes, TEN) skeins of yarn, has 15 pattern repeats, and a metric ton of fringe. I shunned the whole ‘canon k1p1’ idea and went for straight stockingnet. I value my sanity and wrists more than what someone thinks of a scarf.

Next up in the realm of Harry Potter knitting, a Weasley sweater for the mini.

Thanks for making me look like an asshole, Mom.


Misty Garden

misty garden

Yarn: Hand Dyed Bluefaced Leicester
Needles: Addi Turbo Sz 8 24″ Circular
Pattern: Misty Garden from Scarf Style

Finally, I can put this one to rest.

Yikes, Stripes!


Yarn: Trekking XXL 100
Needles: Crystal Palace Sz 1 6″ DPNs
Pattern: My own special formula*

Oh, Trekking. Where do I start. How about the stripey goodness? These socks look so much alike, yet so different. One is definatly “red”, the other is “green”. And even with my huge 10.5 feet and a foldover picot top I managed to not use the whole skein, something of a miracle considering the tiny gauge in which I made these.

*Formula as follows. CO 68 sts. Work for 7.5″. Work heel of choice. Decrease for toes when foot length equals 7.75″. Kitchener close when six stitches remain on each needle. Admire finished socks and wear often.