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The Secret Life of Kitty

Hi folks, Myles D. Kitty, Esq. here. I’m writing to you today because Spring is too busy on the phone, swearing up a storm about something called financial aide and how the people who distribute it have their heads firmly lodged up their asses.

You’ll likely not be surprised to learn that I don’t have opposable thumbs. I get by fine without them. Sure, I can still open the screen door or whomp on Hugo’s ass. I just do it without that pesky thing called a thumb getting in the way. Besides, why mess up my amazingly good looks with something like an extra toe (or god forbid, two).

I promise to get Spring back to you soon, and if we’re lucky it’ll happen without jail time. I still can’t believe she is allowed to work with sharp pointy metal sticks. From the sounds of it that financial aide department should be glad that they’re on the other side of a counter from her.


Token Cat Picture


I haven’t got a thing to write about so have a cat picture instead.

Introducing Hugo D. Kitty


No Sheep For You

Most people have a cat that runs toward the sound of a can opener. I have a cat that runs toward the clack of metal knitting needles.

I No Knit Today (Or Yesterday)

Poor Debbie Bliss

Introducing Myles D. Kitty

my kitty

Better known as My Kitty. The name comes courtesy of Misterpants, thus showing the dangers of what can happen when you let a four year old name an animal. Right now My’s favourite things to do are eat, sleep, and chew on the first set of unshoed feet he comes across. Knitting on a Kitty Pi out of Big Kureyon has commenced in an otherwise sucko and unsuccessful attempt to keep the little bugger off of Lizard Ridge.