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The Promise of Spring

I have the most amazing and wonderful friends.

promise of spring

Thank you so much, Sarah.

Houston, We Have An Addict

sweet jesus

Meet my sock yarn stash.

As you can see, it is a little, uh, big. After all, I only have two hands and two feet, and yet there is enough yarn there for 30+ pairs of socks. One may call that an issue, I call it insurence. I mean, we could run out of wool for socks one day and who would be laughing when I still could knit them and everyone else could not? It is also worth pointing out that my feet will never be cold (if I’d ever finish another pair, ahem), nor will they suffer in a sub-par material that can’t wick moisture from my wee piggies.

I was asked what I didn’t need for Christmas shortly after I took this picture. The obvious answer was sock yarn. However the following question now begs to be asked. Exactly how guilty will I feel tomorrow when I wake up and realize that signing up for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club defeated the purpose of my answer?

Holy Stash

I didn’t forget about Flash Your Stash yesterday. Almost all of it is up at Flickr with the exception of a few rogue balls I was too lazy to hunt down.

And lest you wonder what all I have, everything is annotated.

Angel Hair

angel hair

Hand Maiden yarns. Another thing to add to the list of ‘Good Things That Come From Canada’.

Flash’n my Stash

Note to self. Lay off the yarn purchases for a while.

Flash'n my stash

That’s just the worsted stuff. I managed to get the rest of my stash shorted into weights and onto Flickr, complete with notes of what everything is. More proof that I should spend less time online and more time knitting!

Socks socks socks!

Because I needed another project, damnit.

And because I need a pair of socks too. Some loverly Koigu for me, wee!

The top picture is some Lorna’s Laces I’ve had stashed in the bottom of a box for several months. I purchased it after seeing Kerry’s lovely socks and have since fallen out of love with the colours in it. Luckily for me, Mothers Day is coming up. I hope my Mom likes handknit socks, heh.

The class schedule for heaven on earth Churchmouse Yarns arrived yesterday evening. This morning at noon I promptly called them and signed up for Susanna Hosskan’s Finishing for the Finicky class. If nothing else hopefully this’ll spurn me to finish off my ignored Kid Classic Cardi.

Shopping Spree

the birthday sweater

The birthday sweater. The toddler turns two next month and I think he needs a black ribbed sweater to celebrate. The white is just in case I totally lose my mind and decide to learn intarsia and put a skull and cross bones on the front.

meet tasha

Bought with the idea that it would one day be Tasha from Knitty. Added bonus was the yarn was on sale.

offhand designs rocks

A wonderful circular needle clutch from Offhand Designs. Also known as my birthday present, heh.


A ball of Crystal Palace Poof, just because. Maybe it’ll be a hat one day.

Give me two hours in a yarn shop and I turn into a kid in a candy shop. At 25 I still have no self control, the only difference now is that it’s yarn instead of chocolate.

Love that CraftyQ

How awesome is Kerry? Very very awesome, I say.

Sadly, there will be no kittens or mittens made from this. Just a mistake rib scarf and a yummy pair of socks instead. Thanks again, Kerry!

Merry Christmas, indeed!

What happens when you get this book and a gift certificate from here for Christmas?


Ten skins of Rowan Kid Classic in Battle for a raglan cardigan. The bad news is I underestimated the yardage I’d need for a sweater to cover my massive ass so I need to go back and pick another two. The good news is we’re going to a mochitsuki on the island next Sunday so I’ll be able to do it then.

And since I’ve never been known when to stop while fondling yarn I also grabbed three skeins of Manos del Uruguay in Canyon. What will I do with it? No effin’ clue, but that wasn’t a good enough excuse to not pick it up.