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From The Books

My apologies, but these damn books seem to have taken over my life for the next couple months.

Damned Books

The dastardly things seem to even had the nerve to conspire with my right wrist, inducing a killer RSI that leaves me unable to knit on Misterpant’s zip cardi.


Not that it matters, really. Despite my best laid plans for it to still be oversized when finished it is already too small. Instead it shall be finished and shoved into a box to either be given to another young boy or held onto until a date in which hell freezes over and I find myself with child again.

The Word

The official word on my Spring Quarter grades is good. Somehow I managed to get a 3.67 overall with a 4.0 in Communications, 3.4 in English, and 3.6 in American Government. All of which were a lovely change from that 2.2 of Winter Quarter. Now I am just in a holding pattern until September when Autumn classes start up.

In other news, I will be in LA next weekend with Jana. There will be pictures if we both survive the weekend.

Ok, now what?

I woke up bored this morning. You see, yesterday marked the end of the dreaded Spring Quarter (See how it needs capitalization? It was that bad.) for me. Now I have time to do things like knit. And spin. And read books, several of which I have already purchased. I can now also write about how I have lost what little marbles I had left by starting Pomatomus and the miracle that is using stash yarn. And one of these days I may post a picture again, once I get photo software sorted out on my laptop, something that was put on the back burner thanks to the dreaded Spring Quarter. So yeah, soon. Very soon.

And no, I never did use a straw on the wine.

Pour taste

It is finals week around here. This leaves me to wonder would it be considered poor taste if I skipped using a glass for my wine and instead just tucked a straw into the bottle?

The Most Horrible Time of the Year

In approximately 12 days, 12 hours, and a couple minutes the Spring quarter will be over. This means I have approximately 12 days, 12 hours, and a couple minutes to crank out a term paper on abstinence-only sexual education, an essay on non-fiction, a parody of a poem we have studied in analytical writing, and god only knows how many essay questions for communications. In short, this website is about to become very, very boring. When I return I shall have fun things like this to write about, along with Adventures in Dying (something that sounds better when said out loud), and perhaps some real knitting content too.

Stop the planet. I want off.

I am still here. School is throughly kicking my ass at the moment which has left little time to do anything. Even my poor Sockapaloooza sock hasn’t seen any action in a week. Hopefully this will all change soon as I get into the groove of three classes, a three year old, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Post Script

I passed the math class. Barely, I should add, but I passed the bastard.

It’s Thursday…

…and I can’t be bothered to think of a decent title, eh.

I finished the back of Vanessa and it reminded me how much I love Japanese short rows. They beat the pants off of your standard wrap and turn short row any day. Now the back just needs a good blocking to open up the rib and then I can weave in the remaining 4,594,598 ends.

And in a spat of good news, Pell and his lovely Grants have decided to cover my schooling. A damned good thing too, since tuition is due tomorrow.


project stop

Only four more weeks.