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Asleep At The Wheel

Those socks? Yeah, they’re coming, just as soon as I can find a minute so I can find the battery charger for my camera. Someone (not me, for once) left the bloody thing turned on. The same someone (again, not me) also can not locate the charger. Good hired help these days is so hard to find.

105% of my time has been consumed by school. My statistics class is fierce at it’s best, and the only bright spot in my writing intensive film class is that I get to pick what I want to watch, review, and write about. I never expected that my college education would become a great excuse to finally get a Netflix account, but it has. This week has been all about Little Miss Sunshine. Next week it is Forrest Gump, which is good because that is about the time my brain is going to melt due to my stats class.

And just to prove that my family can not stay out of the hospital, my Grandmother is having a heart valve replaced this week, at the age of 82. She is extremely healthy for her age, and coupled with the fact that the women in my family routinely live longer than 95 years they’re giving her a wicked carbon fiber replacement. The downside of this is a week long hospital stay and that, you know, it is major surgery. All this is also going down at the same hospital my Darling Little Big Brother spent his time at. Given that we sport a very uncommon last name I am sure the nurses will wonder if our family has any luck other than the bad kind. As for me, this just means I will be spending some more quality time in the ICU waiting room. Which is good, because it is quiet and conducive for studying statistics.

Random Observation

I might really like my Human Origins Anthropology class if the instructor wasn’t such a douche bag.

In the words of Silent Bob, I’ve got nothin’.

I woke this morning with a sore throat, ringing ears, and aching jaws. It seems that I grind my teeth during my sleep when I am developing a cold. The only good thing about my tonsils revolting against me right now is that Le Kidlet is at Chez Grandma, leaving me to rest in bed, coked up on Tylenol and whatever else I can get my hands on.

Of course, being coked up presents a problem when it comes to studying. It is mighty hard to concentrate when you can’t keep your eyes open for more than 30 seconds. I’ve taken to reading my International Relations text to the cat, at this point I am sure he remembers more about politics in the Ottoman Empire than I do. If only he had opposable thumbs he could take the chapter tests for me too.

Blogger Math

Add together one slow weblog, one slow knitter, one child without available daycare, and a wool molesting cat. Subract several hours of sleep each night, a dash of patience, and any available free time.

What are you let with?


Bottom Feeder

I’ve reached the last dregs of the Spring Quarter. I have one final next week, another the week after that. Then my life will be blissfully free of the Rules of Natural Deduction and Cardiovascular Disease. Enrollment for next fall has already happened, leaving me to look forward to Anthropology and International Relations, or The Study of Old Shit and How to Bullshit as I like to call them.

This also means that ‘me’ will be sparse. A major suck, I’ve picked Charlotte’s Web back up for the first time in almost two months and having been making sweet love to my Lendrum. I shall just have to remind myself that I will have 14 uninterupted WEEKS to work soon.


Now that I’ve got four solid weeks under my belt this quarter, I think I can say that my Logic class is not raking my ass over the coals. However, that is only because it has already mopped the floor with my ass and hung it up to dry. The raking over the coals is on the agenda for next week.

Fun > School

Or, Signs That Seniorist May Be Setting In (three years) Early.

– You see that your Women’s Studies class requires a service learning project and promptly drop the class.
– You can’t be arsed to remove the plastic wrap on your Logic text until several days after the class starts.
– You crank out a Lizard Ridge square in one day, all while using your Health text to prop up the pattern.

Excuse The Mess

It seems my weblog is currently a mess. I just switched hosting providers, my old one decided to stop supporting MySQL (in his defense, it was free hosting). As a result the past couple of days have been a mess of getting WordPress set up, the old data base being moved, and getting a new theme up and running. Three cheers for the husband for doing all that while I stood behind him going, “Can you please do this?”, and not strangling me.

In the meantime I have one more final to complete tomorrow. Then I have two blissful weeks off before 12 weeks of Logic, Women’s Studies, and Health. God help me with the first two.

Monkey See

hear no evil

Words coming soon, after finals. Yeah, after finals.

Teh suck.

I’ve reached a point in term paper writing where I feel I am spending more time with my laptop than I am with my family.

I can not wait for this class to be over.