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All Koigu, All The Time

charlottes web shawl


Monkey See

hear no evil

Words coming soon, after finals. Yeah, after finals.

Sherwood Forest

I think I’ve about recovered from the Head Cold From Hell. My skull no longer feels like it’ll break into thousands of pieces as any given moment, something I consider to be a bit of a good thing. The bad thing was I started on the heel flap of my Lemongrass Rock ‘n Weave sock and it just about zapped my will to live. So, like any good knitter would, I started a new project.

sage sherwood

Meet Sherwood. My local yarn haunt is going out of business (*sob*) and I’ve been itching to make this sweater for my son for a few months now. Julie originally tried to order me the needed Cotton Fleece in Mariner Blue, only to find out it was horribly back ordered. Luckily she had three skeins of Sage left and so I snagged those at the start of the sale.

The colour and pattern make me want to go frolick through Sherwood Forest. And I likely would if someone could promise me that Sheriff of Nottingham would tie me up and make me pay for my misdeads.


The only issue I forsee is having to lengthen the body and sleeves of the sweater. This should be fairly easy since it is knit in the round but just for once I would love to have a pattern actually fit as written when it comes to making stuff for Misterpants. But for now I am knitting along, waiting for cable and cotton induced RSI to hit.

Here. Let me sneeze on you.

The husband was kind enough to share his cold with me. While it has squashed my want to do anything academic (and believe me, I have loads to do) it has made for loads of time to knit in bed. Which is good, because I am in love with this sock.

rock n weave

Like Magic, But Not

I’d spend several paragraphs waxing poetic about the wonders of blocking, however many others have done it before me. And really, do you really want to hear it all over again? I didn’t think so.

the amazing lace

Suffice to say, 45 minutes and 45 pins later, there is another finished object on the horizon.

A Post-It Note From the Edge

Last month a member of the local Stitch n Bitch mentioned that Christmas brings out the “sweatshop elf in all of us”. I’ve been too busy cranking out gifts for everyone else to do much spinning or knitting. And what I have gotten done for myself is laughable. A tiny amount of Merino/Silk from Chasing Rainbows here, a couple rounds of a lace sock there. And I won’t even begin to discuss my neglected Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I think it’ll take more than a wing and a prayer (and a week alone) to be able to wear it to Madrona this year.

The only good thing about holiday knitting is that it tends to be mindless. Which is good when you are sitting on the couch watching Cars for the second time and wondering when your three and a half year old will grow tired of the movie.


Bullet point format, complete one massive error on my part.

– Himself is starting a new job in the near future. A job that includes a move, which means looking for a house, which means budgeting for said house, and all the fancy bullshit that comes along with it. Thrilling, really. The job that is, not the fancy bullshit.

– The left and right front are now both finished on the Sweater-Formerly-Known-As-Whoosh. Said sweater will now be referred to as the Sweater From Hell. While hanging out in the woods at my parents place, listening to the horny elk bleet (no shit, folks) and watching “What the Bleep Do We Know!?“, I managed to get the neck band and one side band picked up and knit, along with seaming said side of the sweater. This leave a sleeve to be knit, one side band to be finished, and two seams to be stitched up. Once that is done there will be much rejoicing and wine drinking.

– School still sucks. Term papers suck. Writing sucks. Thankfully my English recs will be done after this quarter. This will mean more rejoicing and wine drinking.

– The massive error. I picked up one hell of a traffic ticket today while driving to the shop. And that is all I will say about it right now, my ego is still trying to recover. And no, there was no wine involved.

From The Books

My apologies, but these damn books seem to have taken over my life for the next couple months.

Damned Books

The dastardly things seem to even had the nerve to conspire with my right wrist, inducing a killer RSI that leaves me unable to knit on Misterpant’s zip cardi.


Not that it matters, really. Despite my best laid plans for it to still be oversized when finished it is already too small. Instead it shall be finished and shoved into a box to either be given to another young boy or held onto until a date in which hell freezes over and I find myself with child again.

I, Dipshit

If the sleeve you’re knitting doesn’t look like the chart you’re supposed to be reading, that generally means there is a problem. In this case, the error happens to be the one between the knitting and the couch.

With that, I am off to rip out five inches of a sleeve. Damnit.

Look Ma! Real Knitting Content!

Yes yes, I know. Be still your heart.


So, Pomatomus. I started this sock about six weeks ago, right before finals. You know, the time when knitting was the last damned thing I should of been doing. As I slugged my way through the term paper I did the same with the twisted rib at the top of the sock, and got them done at about the same time too. Since then I’ve worked on the sock off and on when I have a chance. I went to LA, the sock did not. I went to San Diego, the sock did not. I am going to the M’s Stitch n Pitch game next week, the sock is not. I figure I’ll be lucky if I get the toe done before fall quarter starts.

Overall I love the pattern. It has just enough ‘umph’ to keep the twisted rib from getting horribly boring and makes people stop and say things like, “how in the hell did you do that?’, and, “wow, you are so cool/amazing/off your goddamned rocker.” I’m using some Koigu I dug up from the bottom of the sock yarn stash box. Because I have huge feet the heels and toes are being done in a matching dark brown, giving me a snowballs chance in hell of having enough yarn to finish them off. You know, around mid-September.