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New Week, New Socks


Bonus points to the person who can point out the pattern I am working.

See Spring Swear

See Spring. See Spring knit. Knit Spring, knit!

See Spring finish a sock. See Spring notice that the second sock does not match the first. See Spring swear. Swear Spring, swear!

So I’ve been rocking along on my Firebird socks, and come to the last pattern repeat before the ribbing and discover I don’t have enough yarn. I ponder why (I divided the skein and went to up on both) but make do and scalp yarn from the other finished sock. And then I look. Sock number two is an inch longer, because the moron who knit it (that would be me) somehow snuck an extra half repeat into it. And not only that the repeat is in the foot, so now said moron has to remove the bind off and frog back over half a sock.

It is times like this I really fucking hate knitting and math.

For now the socks are in time out, mocking me. To make myself feel better I stabbed a metal DPN through them to keep them together. Now I just need to gather the cojones and make a date with the ball winder so I can fix my idiotic error.

Arrgh, She Knits!

Just to prove that everything around here hasn’t been books, tests, and piss and vinegar.

strange lace

New socks. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Strange Harvest, the pattern is Waving Lace from the ever-loveable Evelyn Clark. At my current rate I should have them finished around the time Misterpants finishes his university degree.

Is It Naptime Yet?

The past few weeks have been a whirlwing of activity. Last Friday Misterpants and I saw Bethany off at the airport as she moved to Japan. From there we went into Seattle to pick up Himself and then ran down to Puyallup to drop off my enteries for the Western Washington Fair. Now it is a simple case of waiting until the fair opens on the 7th to see if I placed at all.

I’ve been knitting when the cat allows it. Ever since I finished Lizard Ridge Misterpants has been asking for a blanket of his own, his evil mother won’t share hers. Last months we finally picked out some Tahki Cotton Classic and knitting commenced on a Mason-Dixon Mitered Square blankie for him. I’ve known for some time that My has a yarn fetish but it seems that he really loves cotton. I can’t get a picture of the one completed square without him molesting it in some way.

cat and cotton



What? Do you mean that I should be working on my essay instead of knitting?

Yabba Dabba…Dude, Is This Leg Done Yet?

Knitting has commenced on the current round of Sockapalooza socks. When I read my pal’s colour preferences I knew this skein of Socks That Rock would be perfect. Fred Flinstone is full of golds, oranges, and reds, all of which are colours she requested. I figured I would let the patterning speak for itself and did a simple toe-up with an afterthought heel.

fred flinstone

In my effort to raise and culture my child I now have him wandering around the house singing the tunes from “RENT”. There is nothing funnier than seeing your four year old standing in the living room, belting out “Today 4 U”.


lizard ridge stack

Stick A Fork In Me

The knitting for Lizard Ridge? It is done. The seaming for Lizard Ridge? It hasn’t started and makes me want to weep in a dark corner.


lr stack


lizard ridge squares

This project is all Anna’s fault. If she hadn’t brought that blasted square to Julie’s closing I never would of bought that skein of Kureyon. Or the ten others that came after it (ahem). And I wouldn’t have nine, yes NINE, squares finished since then. These little suckers are addictive and easier to crank out than a lotto ball.